Our Approach

Our purpose is to give you the most value possible from a technology solution. This starts with you sharing your vision of your current business or the next big idea. Our whole team learns to speak a common language about your business. These become the stories that we will develop your system around.


Our dedication to growing your business doesn't end after launch. We provide powerful applications designed to keep up with tomorrow's demand. No matter how well your business succeeds, our custom technology allows you to scale infinitely to accommodate broad audiences and spikes in traffic.


If you're starting from the ground up, we build the infrastructure for your tech startup. Web servers, email accounts, source code repositories, project management collaboration, DNS engineering, electronic communication, social presence, and knowledge bases are just a few of the services we offer.


If you already have existing systems, we take the time to utilize what's available and look for any integration points we can leverage. We use industry best practices to surface these in a way that we can expand your core or replace it later if needed without a full rewrite of the technology stack.


We begrudgingly acknowledge that “the better mousetrap” doesn't always win. That's why we look to make your product or service stand out from the rest with great design. We craft a brand around your business that people will identify at first glance. A consolidated brand look and feel is crafted around your input by our in-house, first-class design staff.


Knowing when to pivot your business is also key. We not only start by researching and analyzing the current market, but also craft a target market demographic and plan. We build in a way of analyzing the effectiveness of each campaign. We analyze the data with you and decide on what works and what needs to change.


Our development process is geared to be as agile as your business. We start with the ˮMinimal Viable Productˮ and constantly adjust to market forces. We deploy and test features and concentrate on what yields results. Continual deployment and delivery allows us to really test the Lean Start-up model.

"Simplicity--the art of maximizing the amount of work not done--is essential."